Press Release – August 14, 2020

August 20, 2020
Robert L. Manning 925-787-3354

Vote Climate 2020, a 24-7 global internet streaming broadcast, was founded by a 84-year-old, blind, retired firefighter with grassroots groups to mobilize new climate voters in November’s elections.

San Francisco, August 22, 2020 – Vote Climate 2020 (, a citizen based Get Out The Vote (GOTV) movement., today launched a unique global internet streaming broadcast. Responding to COVID 19 pandemic demands for citizen innovation in participatory democracy, a new communications channel has been created. Similar to a 24-hour news or sports channel, it will be accessible on personal and public screens for the next 3-months leading up to elections in November.

Vote Climate 2020 was initiated by Robert Manning, an 84-year-old, blind, retired firefighter in Walnut Creek, California. His vision is to use the internet and powerful videos to tell the climate crisis story and mobilize people to vote. Supported by his family and friends, that vision is now using powerful factual and music videos to deliver a “Vote Climate” message around the world. He asks people to speak out and share that message with everyone they know through their personal and social networks.

Bill McCarthy, co-producer of the streaming broadcast said today, “Vote Climate 2020 is born out of everyday people concerned about solutions to our growing climate crisis. Today, people-powered Internet content reaches more people than corporate commercial media. The world is shifting from passively listening to politicians and pundits – to active citizenship – with students striking, women marching, people of color and global citizens demanding systemic change. One of the most positive things we can do to support climate crisis solutions is to speak out and vote.”

The Vote Climate 2020 Get Out The Vote (GOTV) movement is part of a growing global movement of people and climate advocacy groups. In the United States it is growing an alliance of multicultural and interigenerational organizations and people. The objective is new voters, young and old.

The movement is focused on broadcasting a 24-7 continuous stream of inspiring music videos, information videos, and “Speak Out” testimonials by both community leaders and everyday people. It is designed to be accessible on personal and public screens everywhere. New videos and content will be added every week leading up to election day on November 3rd in the United States. The campaign encourages people to create and send in their own short “Vote Climate” Speak Out video – and share them with friends and associates.

Vote Climate 2020 is a strictly non-partisan and non-profit effort.. It does mot endorse parties or individual politicians. It is simply an education and advocacy effort asking people to be committed and vocal climate voters.

The campaign believes climate voters should elect leaders that legislate climate policy with the same scientific focus and urgency as pandemic policy. Climate voters have the power to vote in local, state, and national candidates who are committed to achieving local and global climate solution goals. Climate voters have the power to vote out politicians that are putting our world at risk.

The campaign’s motto is – Get Out The Vote in 2020 – Vote Climate!

For more information and to view the streaming broadcast go to:

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